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Posted on 01/07/2009

Judging by the over-stuffed parking lot at my gym, it must be January. ‘Tis the season for shedding pounds, being healthy and getting back into the shape we were in before all of those darn sugar cookies. After all of the holiday shopping outings, you may be wondering where you’ll find the money for pricey gym memberships and new work-out gear. The good news is you can get fit for less. The bad news is, you can’t use your skimpy bank account balance as an excuse not to do it.

Get fit in body and wallet with Bargainist Best Bets below!

Instead of an Expensive Ab Machine...
Buy a fitness ball like this one from Sports Authority. For just $19.99 you’ll get the ball and a DVD that shows you how to use it. Use the link below to save 15% on your Sports Authority purchase. If you need more workouts, Women’s Health Magazine has a great “Fat-Blaster Workout” for free on their website. It’s six moves that will leave your abs feeling strong.

Instead of Hiring a Trainer...
Try splitting the cost of a few sessions with a friend. You’ll both get information, tips and a suggested workout routine at half the cost. Or try a site like where you’ll get a free fitness and weight loss plan.

Instead of Buying Pricey Sports Drinks...
Get yourself a nice water bottle and use the free water that you get in your kitchen. Yes, fancy sports drinks are tasty, but nature gave us the best thirst-quencher we’ll ever need– water. And it’s calorie-free!

Instead of Signing up for Fitness Classes...
Hit the library and look for work-out DVDs. You’ll be able to borrow them for a week or two absolutely free. By that time you’ll be ready to try a new one. Or see what work-out programs you can find on TV. You’re already paying for cable, why not use that rather than forking over money for another service?

Instead of Investing in a Set of Weights....
Buy a resistance band like this one on Amazon. It comes with a door attachment and a chart to help you learn some great exercises like bicep curls, shoulder presses and back extensions. Plus, the next time you go on a trip you have no excuse for
not working out. Just throw the resistance band in your suitcase.

By Alison Storm

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