Save Your Budget and Your Waistline this Holiday

Posted on 12/12/2008

Two things seem to go out the window when the holidays roll around: your budget and your diet. Temptation often gets the best of us this time of year. But before you over indulge, check out these tips for saving your budget and your waistline this holiday.

Eat In—When Possible
Between the work Christmas party, neighborhood gatherings and family food-fests it’s good to eat at home when possible. Plan healthy meals to make up for the not-so-healthy ones you’ll be taking part in this month. You’ll spend less than if you were at a restaurant and take in fewer calories.

Find Free Events
It may be nice and cozy by that fire, but getting out of the house is a good idea. You’ll have fun and get some exercise. Search for free events at Once you’re on the homepage, click on “More Event Types”. At the bottom of this long list of categories is one of the best: “Yeah, it’s free.” Click on that and you’ll discover over 1300 options for free entertainment including everything from concerts to line dancing lessons. Check out your city’s website, too for an events calendar that is sure to have free ideas.

Set a Spouse Budget
Christmas spending can be as tough to reign in as Rudolph on Christmas Eve. But one place where it might be easier is with our spouses. Talk it out ahead of time and set a reasonable spending limit. No need to go overboard when the best gifts are free—think coupons for foot rubs or a promise to take dish duty. And definitely don’t buy each other any gifts with high-calorie counts.

Shop Early
Getting your shopping done early has a couple of benefits. It will help your budget because you won’t have to pay expensive shipping costs to get your presents to their destination faster. Plus, if you’re done Christmas shopping it will free up more time in your schedule for working out. Although you will burn some calories battling last-minute crowds if you procrastinate.

Get a Deal on a Diet
What better way to help your waistline this holiday season than by starting a weight loss program? At The Bargainist you’ll find special deals for the NutriSystem diet including three free weeks of food. If you prefer Weight Watchers, find a coupon for 25% off when you sign up for the 3-Month Savings Plan. This offer expires December 31, 2008.

By Alison Storm

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