Last Minute Christmas Gifts: No Shipping Required

Posted on 12/23/2008

So you’re one of THOSE people. You wait until the last possible minute– no– you wait until after the last possible minute. And now there is virtually no way your Christmas present can arrive to its destination in time for the big day. The Internet is your saving grace. Here is a list of last minute Christmas gifts: no shipping required.

Gift Cards
Everyone loves a gift card. It’s like cash, but with a slightly more personal feel. Grab a gift card for Gap, REI or Simply pick a store, decide on an amount and the retailer will send an e-mail on the date you select. You don’t even have to worry about buying a card to go along with it because you’ll be able to write a personal e-message.

Read a good book lately? Pass it on to your loved one by giving them an e-book. Pick up a gift certificate at or Recommend a title or let them choose their own. Just think of all the money you’re saving on shipping.

Subscriptions makes picking up a gift subscription super easy. Decide on a price point (anywhere from under $10 to over $50) and they’ll give you a list of magazines to choose from. It’s the gift that keeps giving– at least until next Christmas.

Give them the gift of food with a subscription to the Dinner of the Month Club. For as little as $30 you’re loved one will get a new $25 gift certificate each month to a great restaurant through Plus, you don’t have to worry about taking a trip to the post office. Just e-mail the gift, or print it off and deliver it in person.

For the person who has everything, give a donation in their honor. Oxfam Unwrapped has a whole catalog full of unique gift ideas. Select something that speaks to you– whether it be water jugs or cows– and you’ll not only be giving a gift that helps someone in need, you’ll also be giving a gift that makes your loved one feel good.

By Alison Storm

* Hot deals expire quickly. This deal may no longer be valid.

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