Hanukkah and Christmas Shopping Tips

Posted on 12/16/2008

Hanukkah starts in a week and Christmas is two days later. That means only a few days remain to wrap up your holiday shopping and get those gifts ready to go. If you are like most of us and find yourself short on time and money, here are a few tips to save you a little of both.

Do What the Post Office Says
You may think you have a week of shopping time, but if you’re relying on the post office to get it there, the deadline is actually Saturday, December 20. So do yourself a favor, avoid costly shipping rates and do what the post office says.

Magnify your Gift Cards
Whether you’re using gift cards to shop for yourself or others, make sure you magnify them. What exactly does that mean? Search online for printable coupons like this one for $5 off a $30 purchase at Sears. You’ll have even more money to spend.

Take Advantage of Extended Hours
The last week of holiday shopping means long hours for retailers. Sears is open until 10pm and Kohl’s stores are welcoming shoppers until midnight. Even though they’re offering extended hours, the peek shopping time is still early evening. Hit the stores later to avoid big crowds and get your shopping done faster. You’ll save time and frustration.

Make it Easy on Yourself
Rather than busting your behind fighting crowds and lugging around gifts, pick up gift cards at a few key stores and call it good. Your friends and family members will be thankful for the gesture and if they’re not, they can trade it for something else using SwapAGift.com.

Learn from your Mistakes
Keep tabs on what went well with your holiday shopping and what didn’t go so well. Use that to make next year’s shopping experience more pleasant. Need to start earlier? Save more? Buy less? Learn from your mistakes to make Hanukkah or Christmas less stressful in 2009.

By Alison Storm

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