How to Make Extra Money for Holiday Shopping

Posted on 11/17/2008

Wondering how you are going to afford your dad’s new bowling ball and your sister’s new sweater? Christmas gifts can be costly but before you throw in the embroidered Santa towel, try earning some extra money for holiday shopping. Here are five ways to get some additional income to help pay for your oh-so-thoughtful Christmas gifts.

Fill Out Online Surveys
Now we would never suggest you spend time at your day job filling out online surveys to make extra money for Christmas gifts, but if you have a computer and a few minutes to spare why not give it a shot? Check out these: Survey Adventure, Synovate, and Opinion Square. The benefits vary from cash rewards to entries in contests, but the work is pretty painless.

Get a Holiday Job
Plenty of companies are looking for holiday help. According to, there are more jobs during November and December, plus there is more flexibility because of extended holiday shopping hours. Need an hourly job? Search over 100,000 part-time and full-time hourly positions on and you’ll be cashing your Christmas checks in no time.

Get Crafty
Take a cue from Martha Stewart and get crafty. You may not make the mega-millions Martha’s made, but you could earn enough for some stocking-stuffers. Sell your handmade cards, coasters or stocking caps on sites like

Clean out Your Closets
Last week I sold an old lamp on Craigslist for $20. All it took was a few minutes of my time to snap some photos, write a description and list the item. What stuff can you trade for money? Check your closets, clean out the attic and sort through your cupboards. Your Christmas cash may be hiding in there.

Become a Secret Shopper
You probably like to shop so why not earn money doing it? Check out Market Force Information. After filling out a quick application you should be ready to accept mystery shopping assignments. Beware of other companies that ask you for money– they could be scams. But working with a reputable secret shopping company will get you ready for all of that Christmas shopping you’ll be doing once you’ve earned your extra cash.

By Alison Storm

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