Redecorating Your Home on a Budget

Posted on 10/19/2008

Your home should be a reflection of who you are. If your home is saying that you are short on style and on money—it may be time for a change. Redecorating your home can be done on a budget, especially when you’ve got The Bargainist to help. Here are a few tips and sources for shaking up your décor while keeping your budget right on track.

Grab your paintbrush and get to work. Painting is one of the best low-cost ways to make big changes to your décor. Add a bold color by creating an accent wall or freshen up your bedroom with a relaxing shade of blue. Home Depot and Lowes typically have gallons of paint marked down. It’s already been mixed with color so they slash the price.

Update Window Coverings
New curtains can do wonders for changing the look and feel of a room. Right now you can save up to an extra 30% off American Blinds SuperValue Blinds. Use the coupon code BARGAINIST to get 30% off orders of $500 or more, 20% off orders of $250-$499.99, or 15% off orders under $250. This offer ends on 11/19/08.

Shuffle Your Furniture
Sofas, chairs and coffee tables aren’t cheap. So rather than buy new, trying shuffling around what you’ve got. Swap that armchair in your bedroom with one in the living room. Try moving art around as well. It will give your home a fresh look.

Change Knobs
So kitchen cabinets may be out of your budget, but new knobs probably aren’t. Hit up the hardware store and for a few dollars each, you can completely change the look of your kitchen simply by changing out the hardware.

Find Cheap Art
Original art can be expensive. So why not frame an old map or pages from thrift store botanical books. Find frames at the thrift store or check your local craft store for sales.

Shop Secondhand
Find new pieces for your furniture collection at thrift stores or garage sales. Look beyond the chipped paint or worn-out fabric for something that can be rehabbed. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment for turning something ugly into something beautiful—and for saving so much money.

By Alison Storm

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