Using Coupons to Save Big

Posted on 09/22/2008

Few of us have so much money at our disposal that we like to spend it when we don’t have to. Coupons are a great way to cut costs on just about everything you buy. Sound too tedious? Think of it this way– why spend more money on boring stuff like creamed corn or yogurt when you could be putting that money towards a new iPod Nano? Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to using coupons to save big money.

Crack the Code
Never click that little “complete purchase” button again with out searching for an online coupon code. Sites like and make it easy to search by store or product. For just a couple of minutes of search time, you may get a percentage off or free shipping.

Print Before you Shop
Heading to the mall? Just like you can search for online coupon codes, you can also search for printable coupons. Check out this printable coupons blog for a free listing of super savings. Plan on hitting American Eagle for jeans or Victoria’s Secret for some undies? Try printing coupons before you shop as an easy way to save.

Stop Clipping and Start Clicking
The Sunday paper used to be the only source for grocery coupons. That’s not the case any more. Now you can simply click and print with lots of great grocery coupon sites like or Also, try visiting the websites of the brands you often buy like General Mills.

Leverage What You’ve Got
Try using your coupons on items that are already on sale. Let’s say your grocery store put Cocoa Puffs on sale, buy one get one free. Normally that box of cereal would cost $3.99, but now since it’s on sale, one box costs $1.99. Combine that with a coupon like this one for $.75 off. That means you’ve scored that cereal for nearly 75% off.

Turn it into a Game
Tap into your competitive side and turn couponing into a game. It’s you verses the store. Make it your mission to walk out with your purchase while leaving as little of your hard earned money behind as possible. And no matter how much money you save– you win.

By Alison Storm

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