How to Trade Your Stuff

Posted on 09/04/2008

Trading is a great way to replace belongings you don’t want with stuff you do want-- no money required. Whether it’s a gift card for a store you don’t like, cologne that reminds you of an ex or even your home, try trading it for something new.

Gift Cards
Gift cards are great, as long as they’re for a store you like. At you can easily exchange your gift card for a different one. If your grandma gave you a gift card to Sears, but you’d rather have Starbucks, can help. Simply provide the details of your gift card, determine the redemption value (which is usually at 60-80% of the card’s value depending on its popularity) and turn it in for something you prefer. So crack open that wallet and get rid of all of that unused plastic.

Art, Sporting Goods, Gifts and More
There are several sites that allow you to trade items you don’t want for stuff you might actually use. Check out Hot swaps include cologne, children’s books, and gift cards. Registration is free. Post the item you want to get rid of and explain what you’re looking for.

Plants and Seeds
If your garden is overflowing with one type of plant, and you would like to create more variety, try trading. Swap seeds, bulbs and cuttings to spice up your yard for free. lists more than a dozen gardening exchange groups.

If you’re really into saving money through coupons, try coupon trading. It’s a great way to get money-saving coupons for items you actually want to purchase. Here’s how it works: clip all of the coupons you can. Don’t have any kids? Clip all of the coupons dealing with baby items and diapers so that someone else can benefit. On a diet? Set aside the coupons for cake mixes and sweets to satisfy someone else’s sweet tooth. Then start searching through online coupon forums like Frugal Village or Coupon Chix ( Post the coupons you wish to trade and what you’re looking for in return. Soon you’ll be on your way to coupon heaven.

Books, CDs, and DVDs
You can only read a book, listen to a CD, play a video game or watch a DVD so many times before it gets old. With you can get new books, movies or games for your collection. Simply list the item you have to trade then Swaptree calculates everything you can receive in exchange for your item. Print postage from your browser, send the item in and pick out what you’d like in return.

Yes, you can even trade your home for something new. Whether it’s a vacation property or your main residence that you want to trade, check out sites like or Registration is typically free. Submit information about your property and what you’re looking for. Most sites will send you potential matches. It’s a great way to unload property or vacation on the cheap.

By Alison Storm

* Hot deals expire quickly. This deal may no longer be valid.

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