Tips for Surviving Wedding and Graduation Season

Posted on 06/09/2008

This time of year opening the mailbox can be a little scary. Will there be another wedding invitation lurking? Is there a graduation announcement ready to pounce? Making it through the season of weddings and graduations without whipping out your credit cards can seem as complicated as expert-level Sudoku. Before you blow your budget, consider these tricks.

1. Just say no. Yes, she's your second cousin twice removed and you guys are as tight as Donny and Marie, but do you really need to attend all three of her wedding showers? Most brides will understand if you can only make it to the main event. Be honest and gracious.

2. Go halvsies. Get more bang for your buck by joining forces with other guests to buy the couple or the grad a gift.

3. Do a dress swap. This idea is for the ladies out there who feel the overwhelming need to wear something new to each event. Rather than hit the mall, hit a friend's closet. Just make sure she is of similar size and stature.

4. Be a creative giver. You may not be able to give the biggest gift, but you can give the most creative one. For the grad, buy a school t-shirt for the college they plan to attend. Another idea is to write a check for $20.08. Pricey? No. Creative? Yep. Give the newlyweds a homemade scrapbook, or a recipe box with some recipes to start their collection.

5. Get in touch with your inner-Victor Hugo. Write the glowing couple or the lucky grad a heartfelt, powerful, touching note that will be worth more than any old blender or backpack. A well-written note can go a long way, even when your pocketbook falls short.

By Alison Storm

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