How to Save Gas with Hypermiling

Posted on 06/13/2008

Tired of forking over your paycheck at the pump? Here is a slightly unconventional way to cut down on your fuel use. It's called hypermiling and it takes skill, thought and a whole lot of practice. Here are some tips from hypermiling experts that may help you get better gas mileage than ever before.

1. Keep your windows rolled up. When your windows are down it creates drag. Keep them up and just turn on the AC or fan instead.

2. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. The higher the pressure is, the less drag the tires will have which in turn means better gas mileage.

3. Record your gas mileage. Make sure you know exactly how many miles per gallon you are logging.

4. Drive like you don't have brakes. That might sound a little odd, but according to Hypermiling experts, braking does as number on your fuel efficiency. If you drive like you don't have brakes you'll stop accelerating when you see a red light and you'll keep more of a distance between you and other cars.

5. Try drafting behind. When traveling on a highway or Interstate, use tractor trailers to help you along by following them from a safe distance. The truck will take the brunt of the wind force, allowing your vehicle to use less fuel.

6. Don't drive aggressively. By leaving more space between you and the driver ahead, you'll have more time to coast rather than slamming on your brakes.

7. Keep an eye on what's ahead. If you see a red light in the distance, let your foot off the gas.

8. Accelerate slowly. Even if that Starbucks stop made you super late for work, resist the temptation to drive like Danica Patrick. Fast accelerations use more fuel.

9. Use your cruise control, and not just on the highway. Learn how to use it to slow down by hitting the "cancel" button rather than hitting the brakes.

10. Choose the best route. Time for a pop quiz. You have two options for getting to work. One is a highway without stop lights and a speed limit of 65 miles per hour. The other is route with traffic lights and a speed limit of 40 miles per hour. Which do you choose? Experts say you should choose the second option because it gives you more opportunities to improve your fuel efficiency by using all of these tips.

Check out for more tips and don't forget to drive safely!

By Alison Storm

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