Five ways to save $50 right now

Posted on 04/10/2008

At a time when price tags seem scarier and bills a bit bigger, saving money is a good thing. A very good thing. Here are five ways you can save $50 right now.

1. Sell your cell. You upgraded your phone and now your old one is just sitting there. Why not turn it into some cash by selling your cell phone? Visit and see how much yours is worth. Type in the manufacturer and the model number, then Cell For Cash tells you how much they’ll give you for it. Or, just eBay it.

2. Make some calls. Threatening to stop your cable does wonders for lowering your bill. Get a cable representative on the phone and don’t hang up until your bill is less than where you started. If you have to, drop down to a smaller package. You may miss the extra channels, but you’ll love the extra money. We've heard the same thing works for other services like TiVo and Netflix.

3. Change your insurance. Whether it’s been five months or five years since you switched insurance companies, it may be time to check out what the other guy is offering. Getting a few quotes only takes a few minutes and you might be surprised just how much you can save. And even if you don't want to change companies, at least see what their new rates and plans are.

4. Grab your scissors. Start clipping. A Sunday paper costs about $1.50. The coupons you find inside can save you 20 times that. Check out for expert advice on how to play the coupon game. There is strategy involved and for those who succeed, the payoff can be big.

5. Be a smart shopper. Smart shoppers comparison shop. Use sites like or NexTag to see who is offering what you want at the best price. Smart shoppers also hunt down deals. Before you click "purchase," search The Bargainist for a coupon code that could save you big bucks.

By Alison Storm

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I don't know how the people founded coupons and they sell their things compere to nowadays.. This article explain me how its. thanks for sharing this article!

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